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Click here to view or subscribe to our YouTube channel for forever free access our How to Make it Whimsy paint-along videos. 

Or visit our HAPPY PAINTING PROJECT GUIDE for embedded videos and step-by-step pdfs, and other resources.

Order your custom-made Whimsy to Gogh At-Home Art Kits below. Kits are available for in-store pick up at our Northfield Studio Monday-Friday 12-4. Please order by 3 p.m. for same-day pick up. Shipping is also available throughout the U.S. (Additional postage and handling fees apply.)

Time-lapse video demonstrations for most Whimsy Studios paintings and projects are available for FREE and unlimited viewing on both our Youtube channel and our Happy Painting Project Guide.

NOTE: We recommend you order/pick up your kit within about a day of your planned painting time, so that the paints stay fresh and workable. 

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