There's always something new at Whimsy! 
Introducing Whimsy Collage Art Kits

Whimsy's new collage kits were developed drawing inspiration from impressionist painting, decoupage, collage quilting, and puzzle making, with a nod to graphic paste-up techniques of yore. The hand-painted, curated palette of papers have been specially treated on one side with a proprietary light, low-tack encaustic formula making them ready-to-rip and stick. It's super easy and super fun to make your collage AND to make it your own by adding your own personal  touches and mementos.

Whimsy Collage Kits come with a beautiful 8x10 template of your choice from our Colorado Landmark Designer Series printed on recycled Mixed Media canvas paper (no drawing required); Extra matte medium which can be used as a glue to add your own ephemera and also as a topcoat; a glue brush; a metallic paint marker for embellishments, detailed step-by-step instructions and a bonus mini collage project.

There are only a limited selection of our collage kits available for pick up in our Northfield Studio. Please call the studio for more information. Otherwise, our collage kits are custom made to order and shipped from New Jersey. Please allow approximately one week for processing and shipping.


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Order your custom-made Whimsy to Gogh At-Home Art Kits below. Kits are available for in-store pick up at our Northfield Studio Monday-Friday 12-4. Please order by 3 p.m. for same-day pick up. Shipping is also available throughout the U.S. (Additional postage and handling fees apply.)

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NOTE: We recommend you order/pick up your kit within about a day of your planned painting time, so that the paints stay fresh and workable.