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Stormtrooper Sugar skull WS.jpg

May the 4th be with you

Project released: 5/2/20

Level of difficulty: You got this!

This project allows for a great deal of customization — you can decorate your Stormtrooper skull however you want! Instead of a video, the kit includes a pre-sketched canvas for the outlines and shapes of the storm trooper and then detailed step-by-step instructions for painting and inspirations and tips for decorations. 

Baby Yoda.jpg

Baby Yoda

Project released: 3/25/20

Level of difficulty: You got this!

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Our little local family-owned business, is so grateful for the support of our loyal Whimsy community. We hope you will continue to visit our site and that you enjoy these free paint-along videos, whether for learning or as a distraction from the daily news.

Stay healthy and stay strong Denver!


Pro tip: The more you paint, the more you'll need to wash your hands! =)

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