Celebrate your mom with Whimsy!

M  ms are heroes

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Throughout the shutdown, Mom's everywhere have been been wearing a million hats: 

nurturing, teaching, working, cleaning, cooking, improvising, and patience, a lot of patience!

Whimsy would like to help you share your gratitude, so we've put together "Thanks Mom" gifts for you to give with love. (P.S. Dad's here's your chance to be a hero, too!)

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Give your art-loving Mom the gift of a night out at Whimsy Studios. You can download the code today, and it never expires. She'll enjoy a creative night out with friends, fun music and step-by-step instruction from our entertaining teaching pros, and a delicious drink from our full bar. Always a hit!

We've put together THREE different pre-sketched canvas art kits for your child/ren to paint a loving greeting for Mom. The kits come with everything you'll need to paint along. Our free "How to Make it Whimsy" video helps kids with step-by step instructions (all three on one video; link below the projects).  Order your favorite kit in time to finish the painting for the big reveal on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 8th. 


Mom Love - Wish